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The emergency room check-in platform.



The emergency room check-in mobile application is a tool that allows individuals to provide patient information in advance to the hospital. This helps the hospital to be better prepared in terms of resource allocation and allows for a more efficient care process. The app is designed for use in emergency room settings, and it aims to improve the overall experience for patients and hospital staff.

The main requirement for this project was to create a mobile application that allows individuals to provide patient information in advance, such as their current symptoms, medical history and insurance information. The application also needs to be easy to use, particularly for elderly users, and provide a secure way to transmit the information to the hospital. Additionally, the application should be able to work offline, so it can be used in case of poor network coverage.


I created a storyboard for the emergency room check-in mobile app, showing a real-life scenario of an individual using the app to provide patient information in advance, resulting in a faster patient care process and improved hospital resource planning. The storyboard helped users envision how the app could benefit them in an emergency.

Defining User Flows

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Heuristic Evaluation

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