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Image by Irina Iriser

Exaspaces Broker Platform



Exaspaces is a SaaS platform that helps commercial real estate brokers manage their brokerage firms with a variety of powerful tools. The platform includes features such as easy-to-use property listing tools, advanced analytics, and streamlined communication tools

The main requirement for this project was to create a website that effectively communicates the features of the Exaspaces platform to potential users. This included highlighting the platform's key selling points, such as its user-friendly interface and powerful analytics capabilities.

Desk Research

I conducted extensive research into the commercial real estate brokerage industry to gain a better understanding of the challenges and pain points faced by brokers. This research helped inform my design decisions for the Exaspaces platform.

Information Architecture

I was responsible for designing the overall structure and organization of the Exaspaces website. I created a logical and intuitive information architecture, ensuring that users could easily find the information they need and navigate the website with ease. I also planned the content layout, and the placement of key information and calls to action in a clear and prominent way. This approach helped to guide users towards the main goals of the website and increase their engagement.


Using the research and requirements gathered, I created wireframes to visually communicate the layout and functionality of the Exaspaces website

Stakeholder Feedback

To ensure that the user interface of the Exaspaces website effectively met the needs of commercial real estate brokers, I gathered feedback from stakeholders on different variations of the wireframes. This feedback helped inform the final design decisions and made sure the website was tailored to the target audience's needs and preferences.


Quick request for the demo

I included a simple form for requesting a demo of the platform, allowing interested users to quickly and easily schedule a demo.

Easy and noticeable call to action 

I designed clear and prominent calls to action, making it easy for users to take the next step, whether that be requesting a demo or signing up for a free trial.

Product Characteristics

I highlightied the powerful features of the Exaspaces platform, such as advanced analytics and streamlined communication tools, that make it a valuable asset for commercial real estate brokers.

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